Homeowners interested in selling their homes typically put time and money into improvements that can bring a higher price.

Among them, a new roof is one of the most costly but also the one that can most significantly affect the home resale price.

Even Zillow, one of the most popular home sale websites, suggests that hiring roofers for a new installation can positively affect a home sale, helping owners sell faster and for more money.

Read below just some of the ways that a new roofing installation can actually bring a higher sale price for many homes.

1. Passes The Home Inspection

Home inspections can be challenging, especially for older homes.

The roof is a common element that fails many inspections, leaving owners to either shell out on the spot for a roofing installation, lower their home price, or lose the sale altogether.

This can all be avoided by having a new roof done when the existing one is older or in need of repairs.

Handling it before a home inspection ensures the home will pass, at least where the roof is concerned.

2. Improves Curb Appeal

Research suggests that a new roof installed by a reliable roofer is one of the main things that can transform the look of a house, making it stand out more.

Curb appeal is very important for selling a home.

In the same way that homeowners might get their landscaping professionally done, paint the exterior of their home, or make other external improvements, a new roofing installation can really spiff up that appearance and make a home look newer than it actually is.

Homes that look attractive from the outside tend to have higher sales prices.

3. Attracts More Buyers

Getting a new roof installed is not just expensive, it is a time-consuming and sometimes messy task that can disrupt a family for days, if not a week or more.

Knowing that the roof is new and they will not have to deal with that issue for decades, many homeowners are more attracted to homes that have recently undergone this upgrade.

A new roofing installation also ensures that the home has the most recent roofing technology and the materials are highly functional, as they have not begun to age yet.

4. Provides A New Warranty

With new roofing comes a new warranty and this can be one less worry for a potential homeowner.

Since there is always a chance that an older roof with an expired or invalidated warranty could run into trouble, home sellers can tout that new roof, with its accompanying new warranty as a major selling point.

5. Great Return On Investment

While a new roof is an expensive home improvement to make, it is one that brings the highest return on investment of any home improvement.

Market research finds that a new roof brings an ROI of between 60 and 70% depending on the type of roof.

Sell For More With A New Roofing Installation

When selling a home in a competitive housing market, homeowners frequently look for any advantage they can find to attract more attention and get a higher price.

If the roof is old and a replacement is needed sometime soon anyway, hiring roofers to do it now can significantly benefit the home sale.

By preventing inspection problems and offering a beautiful newly warranted roof, those offering their homes for sale can often find a buyer willing to pay for that new roof more quickly!

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