When in need of residential roofer services, finding the best contractor is critical.

An installation by a poorly trained or unskilled roofing contractor could spell an early demise for that new roof, not to mention years worth of costly repairs that could have been avoided.

The manner in which roofer services conduct business is important, too.

These questions can help homeowners wade through the many available options so they can find a highly reputable and qualified contractor to handle their roofing work!

1. Licensing, Certifications, and Insurance Coverage

Before discussing anything else, be sure to first make certain that a residential roofer service is properly licensed and carries essential insurance, including liability protection and workers compensation insurance.

In addition, ask about any special certifications they may have and whether the contractor has been specifically certified to install the materials being chosen for the work being done.

This will ensure that the contractor knows the approved way to use the materials per the manufacturer, a detail that can affect the warranty.

2. Local Referrals and Reviews

Next, ask every roofing contractor being interviewed to provide the names and contact information of some local work referrals.

Simultaneously, homeowners can also go to the roofer’s website, social media pages, and business directory listings to read customer reviews and get an idea about what other customers are saying about the business.

3. Warranties Offered

Inquire about the types of warranties offered by the roofer service and their duration and details.

Have them explain the different warranties in detail, as there are multiple warranty types that might be offered and there may be limitations and requirements such as manufacturer maintenance requirements and other stipulations.

4. Written Estimates

Ask residential roofer services if they will provide a written estimate that is detailed, itemized, and contains all work as well as warranty information and how long the estimates are valid.

A good written estimate should include all materials and processes, all warranty information, and all prices that are fully broken down for easy understanding, with no hidden or unexplained fees.

5. Who Does The Work?

As obvious as this question might seem, it is an important one.

Some roofing contractors do all of their own work with their own employees, sending a project manager with each crew, while others sublet much of their work out to subcontractors.

It is generally better to deal directly with a service that provides its own employees and does all of its own work, as these businesses have more to lose if things go wrong.

If contractors do use subcontractors, inquire about their certification, experience, insurance, and how the business handles things if something goes wrong.

6. What Does The Work Entail?

Whether contracting repairs or a brand new roof, ask the owner or manager of the roofer service to explain how the work will be performed, step-by-step, and what materials will be used.

Inquire about attic ventilation inspections when installing a new roof, the type and quality of underlayment that is used, flashing installation, ice as well as water barriers, and other trims or features that many contractors omit in order to save money.

Also inquire whether the contractor will do anything to protect the house and property such as covering up the landscaping close to the house and boarding up nearby windows or if this will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

7. Who Handles Disposal?

Confirm that a roofing contractor will take care of the disposal of all waste materials and whether this is included in the price of the work or if there is an added fee for it.

Choose the Best Residential Roofer Service!

Roofing contractors are a dime a dozen in most neighborhoods.

To invest well in their property, homeowners should seek out a highly experienced residential roofer service to handle their roofing work and protect that investment.

When interviewing local roofer services, these questions can help customers find contractors with superior ability, work ethic, and honesty who will do a great job for them!

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