Roofs only last so long before it becomes time to arrange residential roofer services and have a replacement done.

Though that is usually at least fifteen to twenty years in most cases, sometimes a roof fails before it should.

No matter what the cause is, homeowners should recognize the signs that roofing contractors are needed because of a failing roof.

A call for roofer services should be made whenever noticing any of these top signs of deterioration indicating that an existing roofing system is in trouble.

Widespread Shingle Damage

A missing or broken shingle over the lifespan of a roof can be normal.

What is not normal is widespread damage that requires residential roofer services, problems such as bowed or curled shingles, shingles losing their adhesion, nails lifting up throughout the installation, and many shingles falling off the roof.

This kind of widespread damage indicates that there is a general problem affecting the entire roof.

It is also a main symptom that roofer services are needed before the problem worsens and actual leaking begins.

Widespread Loss of Granules

The granule coating on the top of asphalt shingles protects the roof from the elements in numerous ways.

A prime indicator that homeowners should call a roofing contractor is when they see a large amount of granules collecting in the gutters or the shingles appear to be smoothing out.

Without that protective granule coating, more repairs are not long off.

Long-standing Evidence of Rot

Roof rot happens in various ways, but it all means the same thing - the materials are being eaten away by some kind of organism.

Whether deterioration appears in the form of stained and moldy shingles that cannot be cleaned, wet roofing that attracts algae and mildew, rotting decking and underlayment that does not dry out, or damaged flashing or seals around protrusions and in valleys, these are all signs that the roofing system is disintegrating and should be replaced before serious damage like a collapse can happen.

Sagging Roof Deck

Another serious sign that residential roofer services are needed sooner rather than later is a roof deck that is sagging and no longer straight or level.

Sagging can occur for numerous reasons such as rot that has never been addressed, bowing trusses and rafters, warped decking, and more.

Regardless of why it happens, sagging is a significant problem that precedes an eventually dangerous cave-in.

Water Stains or Mold Inside

A sneaky sign that a roof system is deteriorating from the underside and that a roofing contractor is needed is finding water stains or mold inside the house, even when the roof looks fine from the outside.

Water stains on the walls or ceilings closest to the roof or mold growing in the attic both suggest that there is active leaking happening somewhere.


Though an old roof that has lived up to or past its suggested lifespan may still look good visually, it is nowhere near as protective as it once was.

Roofer services find that not only are old shingles more susceptible to catastrophic failure during a weather event, they also become less protective against UV rays, causing more heat to enter the home.

Replacing deteriorating, dry, and brittle shingles with a new roofing system is the best solution once a roof has reached its life expectancy, no matter how good it might look from the ground.

Contact Residential Roofer Services Upon Seeing These Signs

Residential roofer services recognize from certain signs of deterioration that a roof is in trouble and in need of replacement, regardless of its age.

While these symptoms are more likely to happen the older a roof gets, roofing contractors do see that newer roofs can exhibit these same signs if they have become damaged in some way.

A great way to prevent most of these problems is with regular inspections from an experienced roofer service and keeping up with suggested maintenance!

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