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Texas is infamous for many things, one of which roofing companies all over the state know about firsthand is the crazy weather in the Lone Star State that borders on a large portion of the gulf and the mainly flat terrain that allows extreme weather patterns to become more powerful.

In the grand scheme of things, what that means for home and building owners is a greater need for roof repair as the years pass.

Can homeowners do anything to prevent this?

Residential roofing services suggest the best solution is to be aware of all the weather challenges a roof will face and then purchase the right system that can withstand it.

Extreme Heat Slowly Fries A Roof

Texas is one of the hottest states, meaning everything takes a beating from the heat.

Much of the damage that roofing companies repair is simply roofing systems that have slowly dried out and begun decomposing due to UV damage, many times before their life expectancy.

Damage that requires extensive roof repair can happen in other ways, too.

Attics without proper ventilation that become overheated can cause significant damage to roofing shingles from the underside, causing them to bow or curl and become more susceptible to wind damage.

Since shingles are the most popular material installed, homeowners should consider this when purchasing a new roofing system.

Texas homes need shingles with a high R-value and a professional installation that addresses ventilation to prevent heat damage.

Hurricanes Bring Extreme Winds and Torrential Rains

Every resident knows that hurricanes are common in Texas.

Bringing high winds and massive amounts of rain with them, only the most robust roofs survive unscathed.

Some of the most common repairs made by residential roofing services are due to wind damage and other secondary damage related to it.

Surviving hurricane-force winds without needing roof repair requires stronger materials that have higher wind ratings and a professional installation that prevents wind from lifting the materials.

Seasonal Storms Commonly Bring Destructive Hail

Hail is yet one more weather feature that is regularly experienced in Texas and it can be highly damaging to roofing of all kinds.

Roofing companies find that hail as small as half of an inch can cause damage by breaking the protective and reflective gravel off of a shingle roof, making it more susceptible to other types of damage.

Larger hail can destroy shingles, metal, ceramic, and other types of roofing material.

To protect homes in Texas areas that are prone to getting more hail, residential roofing services recommend investing in impact-resistant shingles, thicker gauge metal, and other systems that can withstand those impacts without damage.

Avoid Roof Repair In Texas By Installing A Durable Roof

Though there are many wonderful things about living in Texas, weather is not always one of them.

Exhibiting extremes of many types, Texas weather presents many challenges for roofing companies and homeowners alike.

The best way to avoid needing roof repair due to weather damage is to invest in premium materials that are specifically designed to better withstand these conditions.

No roof installed by a residential roofing service is destruction-proof, but higher-quality products will definitely protect better.

Wind, impact, and UV-resistant materials with high protection ratings pay for themselves in the long run!

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