Have you ever thought or heard someone say, “Oh it just shingles~” when referring to a roof?
Did you know there are actually 10 standard steps BEFORE installing a shingle on a roof?

We do! That’s why we call it a “roofing system” and take great pride in providing you top quality durable materials. A total roofing system combines a lot of different elements – whether your home has a flat roof, high peaks, multiple levels, solar panels, or skylights – with one goal in mind, peace of mind for you.

  • STEP 1 – Prep and Removal

    This is where we ready the ground below, then take away the old roof above.

Removal of old roof and replacement roofs with new roof shingle being applied home roof construction site all new materials.
  • STEP 2 – Inspect and Repair

    Very important step where we look for damage, do replacements, or incorporate add-ons.

4 construction workers fixing roof against clouds blue sky, install shingles at the top of the house. Renovate, improvement, build home exterior by professional teamwork. Safety and protection concept
  • STEP 3 – Drip Edge at Eaves

    The metal flashing you see {or should see~!} around bottom horizontal edges of your roof.

Metal tile.Roof for the house. Modern coatings for the roof of the house.
  • STEP 4 – Underlayment

    Felt material which helps cushion, insulate, and reduce wear.

Asphalt roofing shingles. Building contractors laying bitumen waterproofing membrane berofe laying asphalt shingles roofing. Roofers Install, Repair Asphalt Shingles House Rooftop.
  • STEP 5 – Drip Edge at Rakes

    Metal flashing along vertical edges of roof.

An asphalt shingled roof with skylights, attic windows, chimneys, fascias, and a roof gutter. A close-up of a gray double-pitched roof covered with dimensional asphalt roofing shingles.
  • STEP 6 – Chalk Lines Across Decking

    Helps keep shingles in alignment.

A close-up of asphalt shingles installation on the roof edge. A roofer is nailing asphalt shingles to the roof deck covered with roofing underlayment. Roofing construction.
  • STEP 7 – Starter Shingle at Eaves and Rakes

    Initial shingle product with sealant strip installed on lowest edge of roof.

A modern graphite herringbone roof lining is attached to the trusses, visible turned on LED lights.
  • STEP 8 – Offset Cuts on Shingles

    Staggered pattern of a consistent measurement, usually 4-6 inches ensuring complete coverage and gives attractive visual pattern.

A close-up on a roof problem area covered with asphalt roof shingles and irregular shape window on the wall of the house construction.
  • STEP 9 – Install Shingles

    Adhere rows of 3-tab shingles to roof distinguished by three uniform cutouts, or tabs made along the lower edge of shingles. Each shingle looks like three separate pieces when installed, but it’s only one.

Close up photo layer of new asphalt shingles on roof top of new house under construction with chimney and blue sky on blurred background
  • STEP 10 – Leak Barrier on All Valleys Around Roof Penetration

    Self-adhesive mineral or film-surfaced product to help prevent leaks caused by wind-driven rain.

A view on an incomplete roof with asphalt shingles installation on the waterproof underlayment. Asphalt shingle tiles at the ridge of the rooftop near a wide chimney with chimney saddle flashing.
If you have recent storm damage, have noticed a leak or discoloration, or simply know it’s time to replace an old roof – give us a call for more information about our roofing system services, or fill out our online form to request a FREE inspection!