Your roof is one of your home’s first layers of defense against the elements, and just like your vehicle needs maintenance and ‘tuneups’ – so does your roof! To protect your roof investment, Blackhill Roofing Systems will provide a roofing maintenance program to identify minor problems and adjustments before they become major ones. A roof tune-up involves having a professional inspect the roof in detail, then recommend preventative steps beyond routine maintenance.

  • Clearing Debris that can prevent rainwater from flowing to gutters
  • Checking for deterioration and holes in shingles, flashing, hips, and ridges
  • Replacing loose, damaged, or missing shingles
  • Inspecting chimney flashing, mortar, and sealants
  • Checking dormer window edging and other flashed areas
  • Examining pipejacks and vents for damage
  • Evaluating weather-related damage, problems, or causes of concern
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