Nothing lasts forever – and your roof is no different. Even the best quality roofs have a certain lifespan. Regardless of why or how you got here, you can trust the professionals at Blackhill Roofing Systems to take great care of your needs. We offer a variety of roof replacement services and make it our aim to deliver top quality, personal service to all of our clients. When you contact us, we will schedule someone to visit your home, inspect the work, explain the process, and provide you with multiple options.

Blackhill Roofing Systems proudly installs a wide variety of roofing products, and we partner with the most recognized brands in the industry. The quality, workmanship, and warranties that we offer are beyond what you would expect and will only serve to increase the value and protection of your home.


Asphalt Shingles
most commonly used shingle
popular because of their wide variety of design options and moderate ease of installation
made of asphalt reinforced by fiberglass or organic materials
sold in multiple sizes, colors, and weights – such as a traditional “three-tab” variety or multi-layered “dimensional” variety.

Composite Shingles
made partially from recyclable materials like polymer, rubber, or plastic
mimic the look and feel of shingles made of natural materials such as wood or slate
sold in a variety of colors and styles that somewhat better retain their color over their lifespan
a bit more expensive and offer less insulation than the materials they mimic.

Clay And Slate Shingles
molded out into flat, barrel-shaped or scalloped tiles
unique look, feel, and composition
heat, hail, and moisture-resistant noncombustible shingles with a low propensity for leaks
higher cost and heavier weight (not all roof structures support installation)

consisting of aluminum, steel, copper, or an alloy stamped into a variety of shapes for quality curb appeal
corrugated metal with galvanized steel or seamless metal pressed into flat sheets joined by a raised seam
energy efficient, durable, and able to withstand extreme weather conditions
more expensive to install though longer cost savings.


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